Magna Charta

10 am to 4 pm-  What medieval themed event would be complete without a search for the HOLY GRAIL? Stop by the Empire Room Patio at 11am, Wings Over Alma at 1pm, Danzinger Vineyards at 3pm for a chance to obtain a key that may unlock the chest holding the treasured artifact. The search will conclude at Castlerock Museum at 4pm.

 11 am to 10pm - The Empire Room will be serving up a special menu based on Medieval recipes from 11 am until 10 pm.  After an array of appetizers to tease the palate, they will feature exciting entrees such as the ever popular "Grave of small Birds", Heathen Cakes, and Fartes of Portingalewith, with desserts including Tourteletes in Fryature!  They will serve Wisconsin Mead, Glug and Annisette. For the full menu, please check their website at 

 At 11am, the THEATRE OF FOOLS will be performing in the Prancing Pony Patio, before the Masquerade Ball with appetizers and music from 5 to 7 pm.  Admission will be $10.00 which includes a mask, pop and appetizers.  Music will be provided by The     WABASHA WINDS.